Indie Artist Spotlight: Allo Darlin’

As we all know, Zach and I do a show where we often show the listeners bands that they’re never heard of. This is what I’m good at. When it’s not a band that I know personally, it’s an underground band that needs to be known, but instead they’ve got a small following such as only 3,000 followers on Twitter. So, in honor of our tradition of exposing awesome bands that no one’s heard of, our artist this week is Allo Darlin’. Allo Darlin’ is a little band from the UK with members that are half from London, and half from Australia. They’ve got a few elements that everyone loves: a girl singer, accents, and an extreme cuteness factor. I don’t often describe things as cute, but that’s the only word i could think of when listening to them. They’ve got jangly guitars, heartwarming melodies and lyrics that bring to you the nostalgia of your high school relationships. And all on top of that is a slight country twang. They’ve got elements of Camera Obscura and Belle & Sebastian. So if you like those artists too, you should definitely check them out. Watch the video above and see what I mean. This is a band for anyone who enjoys having their heart warmed, and a smile brought to their face.


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