Scientists Working on Cure for Memory Loss

Have you ever been late to something important because you couldn’t remember where you put something you needed? Well you’re in luck, because scientists are working on a cure for that! Of course, if you’re still young then you’re out of luck, but it’s being proven that everyday forgetfulness is not only a sign of old age, but it may eventually be treatable. Researchers discovered that as you age, a section of the brain, the dentate gyrus, produces less of a key protein, RbAp48, thus causing what scientists believe to be the source of forgetfulness. In an experiment done with mice, the protein in the elder mice’ brain was boosted, and soon they were just a sharp as they were when they were younger. Researches are hoping that the fact will remain the same in humans. It will of course take many more years of work to confirm this theory, but perhaps in time the problem of memory loss will become reversible.