Yay Yay Yeahs!

The Yeah Yeah Yeahs have released a video for their new track “Sacrilege”. The video features a girl, Lily Cole, who’s seemingly hated throughout her town. She is eyed around by the townspeople who plan on burning her at the stake. The video then bounces around through time. “Sacrilege” is on Yeah Yeah Yeahs forthcoming album, Mosquito, due April 16th. The song was released as a single and gives a sneak peek to what the Yeah Yeah Yeahs have in store for us. The album is available for pre-order over at the Yeah Yeah Yeahs official website. Make sure to comment and tell us what you think about the video above. Are you excited for new Yeah Yeah Yeahs? How do you like the “Sacrilege” music video? How about that Lily Cole? Will you be snatching a copy of Mosquito?


Flaming Lips Offer a Sweet Surprise

ipsThe Flaming Lips have found a new way to promote there new album and it’s Valentine’s Day themed. According to Pitchfork, the band from Oklahoma, has joined forces with a Dallas chocolate company called Dude. This upcoming album includes many surprises. You will find a cover of the band’s song “All I Need is Love” by members of Edward Sharpe and the Magnetic Zeros and a song called, “Songs of Love” which is in fact a mix of two of their songs, ““What is the Light?” and “Spiderbite Song”. Make sure to check out this themed album from the infamous Flaming Lips.

Jimi Hendrix’s Unreleased Track


Jimi Hendrix fans will be impressed and should get ready for the unreleased track called, “Somewhere”. The track showcases Jimi’s blend of blues and rock with Buddy Miles on drums. Fans should be expecting his “People, Hell and Angels” album which should be released on March 5. The album is one that features experimental recordings from 1968 and 1969. An update was posted that the track was removed from the interent but won’t be gone for too long. Vevo informs that the video of the unrelased track will be posted at 3 a.m. tomorrow. Make sure to check that at and don’t forget about the album releasal.

– Zach Crisostomo

Fleetwood Mac New Release?

Fleetwood Mac has been inspired to create some new music. Steve Nicks tells Billboard that the group has recorded three songs that are ready to be released before the band goes on tour. They plan on leaving for Columbus, Ohio on April 4th for a 34-city trek. The songs were recorded in Buckingham’s studio when they gathered to discuss about tour plans. Nicks states that the band, “wanted to have something to put out before we go out, January or February,…” She is confident that Mac fans will love what they hear. Nicks also has unveiled 2013 tour dates and the new release date for the album. Make sure to check out their seventh studio album called, “In Your Dreams” on iTunes.

Zach Crisostomo


Thom Yorke’s New Album

Thom Yorke, the singer-guitarist of Radiohead, in September, finished his solo-project band’s, Atoms for Peace, debut album titled AMOK. The nine-song record will be released early next year on XL. Yorke has recently released “Default ” one of the tracks, as a digital-single teaser. Yorke was on break from live shows with Radiohead when he was joined by two members of Atoms of Peace: drummer Joey Waronker and Radiohead co-producer Nigel Godrich. Missing bassist Flea, from the Red Hot Chili Peppers, and the band’s touring percussionist Mauro Refosco,with his hair pulled back in a tight but unruly ponytail, and his sandy-blond beard, Yorke finished the album. The group, formed by Yorke to play live the songs from his solo album, The Eraser, was so good in rehearsal that Yorke arranged for three days of studio recording in Los Angeles.Godrich says, “is something that hasn’t been done before, because of its origins. It was sort of a backward idea – and a step into the unknown.”

Check out Yorke’s solo band on iTunes.