THE MONSTER is climbing the Billboard!

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Eminem’s new album, Marshal Matters LP 2, is absolutely phenomenal. From Berzerk to The Monster, Eminem produces music that not only captures the audience, it makes the audience rise to their feet. The audience isn’t the only thing that is rising, Eminem’s album reached No. 1 on the Billboard chart within a matter of days. Eminem has sold over 800,000 copies of Marshall Matters LP 2, and was the second best selling album of the year. Be sure to get your own copy of Marshall Matters LP 2 to know what the craze is about and tune in to WARG 88.9FM to hear some songs from the new release.


When I Was Your Blogger…

Bruno Mars’ new song “When I was your man” is Number Three in Billboard Top 100, but really should be Number One. “When I was Your Man” is one of the most emotional and meaningful songs that I have heard in a long time. This song should be on the top because the other two are senseless techno beats and over-played nonsense.That’s my rant for today.

~Andrew Garcia

This Blog is WAY over DEUCE

Deuce is a rap/pop artist that started his solo career in 2012 after he was kicked out of the popular group Hollywood Undead. His music is similar to Hollywood Undead, but with his own mix. Some of his popular songs are “America”, “The One”, “Help Me”, and “I Came To Party”. His lyrics contains a lot of swearing, so his music is not recommended for young audiences. Deuce’s album “Nine Lives” is now in stores and he is currently touring with KottonMouth Kings. Check to see if he will performing at a city near you at: 

~ Andrew Garcia


Need a way to the Moon? Rocketboat is your answer!

Rocketboat is a local band that is off to a great start. They started off with their first album named “Rocketboat”. All of their songs are completely amazing and my favorites are; “Music, Space, And Girls”, “No Consolation”, and “Lauraine”. Rocketboat had their first show December 7th and they decided to stop by at our station! We interviewed Marc and Josh about their band and how they felt about their upcoming show at Abbey Pub. Check out Rocketboat at!/wearerocketboat?fref=ts . We will be playing all their music on WARG 88.9fm!

What’s Playing on that Unorthodox Jukebox?

Bruno Mars is back with a new album called, Unorthodox Jukebox! This album contains some of his new songs like, Locked Out Of Heaven, Moonshine and Young Girls. Bruno Mars, in my opinion, is a great artist and comes out with the most creative songs like Lazy Song, It Will Rain, and Grenade. I’m sure this new album will have more catchy songs that will keep repeating in your head over and over again as you sing along. This album will be hitting stores on December 11th, 2012. Make you get your own copy before you feel like YOU’RE locked out of heaven by not hearing his amazing music!

~ Andrew Garcia