Save Mount Assisi Academy

It’s been less than a week since the girls at Mount Assisi Academy in Lemont, Illinois found out that their school would be closing in June of this year, and they refuse to go down without a fight. Starting a Facebook page entitled ‘Save Mount Assisi Academy’ the same day as the official news came from their school’s website, people began rallying together by the thousands. In only five short days, over 7,000 people have liked the page, and on Twitter the tag ‘#savemaa’ has trended. The problem, however, is not with the support and the number of kids who love their school, but rather the money the school has in order to continue operating. If you’d like to support their fight to keep their school open, follow the links below.

Donate to MAA!
Save Mount Assisi Academy (facebook page)

ImageAbove: Students, alumni, and supporters gather at the steps of Mount Assisi at a candle light vigil to help save their school.


Typhoon Haiyan Wrecks the Philippines

Typhoon Haiyan hit the town of Tacloban in the Philippines on Friday, leaving over half a million people homeless and thousands wounded. Over one thousand deaths have been confirmed. As of now, there has been very little relief making it to the town, although international agencies and militaries are trying to get as much there as possible as quickly as possible. If you would like to help the cause, follow the link below to find out what you can do.

World Food Programme

Varsity Argonauts Make Playoffs

Congratulations to the 2013 Varsity Argonauts on making it to the playoffs! The team has had one of their most successful seasons in decades this school year. After beating Shepard last week 28-24, the Argonauts secured their spot in their fight towards the IHSA state championship. The first playoff game is this Friday, November 1st, at 7:00PM with an admission price of $5. We’d like to wish the team luck as they face the Oak Forest Bengals for their first, and hopefully not their last, playoff game.

WARG will be covering the game on High School Cube:  link to watch

Microsoft Releases Windows 8.1

Starting Thursday, Microsoft will be releasing its latest update: Windows 8.1. The upgrade addresses some of the problems that many people seem to have. The upgrade adds shortcuts that are easier to use for many touch-based apps while also adding newer features for the desktop mode that so many people have grown accustomed to using. Do you already use Windows 8? Perfect! Then the update will be free for you beginning at 7a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday. Computers with Windows 8.1 already installed will hit the shelves on Friday.

Weekend Events (10/11-10/13)

To watch the Varsity Boys Football game against Richards, tune in to High School Cube as WARG covers the event! (Follow the link below to watch) @ 7:00PM

10/11 Boyce Avenue @ Vic Theatre
10/12 Streetlight Manifesto @ House of Blues
10/12 Between The Buried And Me @ The Metro
10/13 You Me At Six; Tonight Alive @ Bottom Lounge

Miley Cyrus – Bangerz (Pop)
Panic! At the Disco – Too Weird to Live, Too Rare to Die! (Alternative)
Cassadee Pope – Frame by Frame (Country/Pop)
Amos Lee – Mountains of Sorrow, Rivers of Song (Alternative)
Of Montreal – Lousy with Sylvianbriar (Indie)
Korn – The Paradigm Shift (Metal)
New Found Glory – Kill It Live (Alternative)
Echosmith – Talking Dreams (Alternative)

10/11 Chicago Blackhawks vs. New York Islanders (7PM)
10/12 Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards (4PM)
10/12 Chicago Blackhawks vs. Buffalo Sabres (7PM)

Sophomore Boys Football vs. Richards (4:30PM)
Varsity Boys Football vs. Richards (7:00PM)
Sophomore Girls Volleyball @ Bremen (8:00AM)
Freshman Girls Volleyball @ Crete-Monee (8:00AM)
Marching Band IHSA State @ Illinois State University (10:00AM)

10-Day Partial Government Shutdown Continues

The now 10-day partial government shutdown continues to take its toll on people and businesses alike. Wall Street, however, isn’t suffering as much anymore; the Dow Jones industrial average increased by more than 300 points on Thursday. This occurred after talks with Republican leaders and President Barack Obama, where they seemed almost willing to finally end the shutdown. This is reassuring news, considering that not everyone can do as great as Wall Street. The shutdown has put over 800,000 federal employees out of a job, leaving them without pay until the government can come to an agreement. 

Scientists Working on Cure for Memory Loss

Have you ever been late to something important because you couldn’t remember where you put something you needed? Well you’re in luck, because scientists are working on a cure for that! Of course, if you’re still young then you’re out of luck, but it’s being proven that everyday forgetfulness is not only a sign of old age, but it may eventually be treatable. Researchers discovered that as you age, a section of the brain, the dentate gyrus, produces less of a key protein, RbAp48, thus causing what scientists believe to be the source of forgetfulness. In an experiment done with mice, the protein in the elder mice’ brain was boosted, and soon they were just a sharp as they were when they were younger. Researches are hoping that the fact will remain the same in humans. It will of course take many more years of work to confirm this theory, but perhaps in time the problem of memory loss will become reversible.

The Boston Marathon

After yesterday’s bombing in Boston, the world is on edge. Recent discoveries show that the bombs were made out of ordinary kitchen pressure cookers, packed with nails and other extremely sharp shrapnel. These bombs were hidden in duffel bags that were left on the ground towards the finish line of the Boston Marathon. President Barack Obama has stated that this was an act of terrorism, but he doesn’t know whether or not this was carried out by a solo bomber or a group of bombers. The FBI has vowed to “go to the ends of the Earth” to find out who’s responsible for such a horrendous act.

Supreme Court to Rule on Same-Sex Marriage in June

No matter how the Supreme Court rules on the issue of same-sex marriage, it will be something that people argue about for years to come. They’re expected to rule on the issue in June, but they’ve said that at this point, they will not be able to win over all 50 states. Same-sex supporters, however, believe that this is in fact possible. They just don’t know how soon it could happen. Currently nine states allow same-sex marriage.


When I Was Your Blogger…

Bruno Mars’ new song “When I was your man” is Number Three in Billboard Top 100, but really should be Number One. “When I was Your Man” is one of the most emotional and meaningful songs that I have heard in a long time. This song should be on the top because the other two are senseless techno beats and over-played nonsense.That’s my rant for today.

~Andrew Garcia