10-Day Partial Government Shutdown Continues

The now 10-day partial government shutdown continues to take its toll on people and businesses alike. Wall Street, however, isn’t suffering as much anymore; the Dow Jones industrial average increased by more than 300 points on Thursday. This occurred after talks with Republican leaders and President Barack Obama, where they seemed almost willing to finally end the shutdown. This is reassuring news, considering that not everyone can do as great as Wall Street. The shutdown has put over 800,000 federal employees out of a job, leaving them without pay until the government can come to an agreement. 


Barack Obama Pushing for Gun Control

After the killing of 6- and 7-year-olds at Newtown’s Sandy Hook Elementary School on December 14th, President Barack Obama pushed gun control to the top of his list for the first time and pledged to put as much power as possible behind the issue. The White House is fighting for this to stay a pressing issue, since it’s currently losing importance to more pressing issues. On Thursday, Vice President Joe Biden will meet with the National Rifle Association and other gun-owner groups so they can talk at the White House. The administration’s goal is to come to an agreement over plans to curb gun violence.